"8 Collar" Head Halter / Also Known As "Not So Fast Rover"

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Hallie Wells, Puppy Trainer at The Guide Dog Foundation in Smithtown NY demonstrating the correct way to use "Not So Fast Rover" One Size Fits All Head Halter

One size fits all no pull head halter/leash combo. Delightfully soft, yet strong rope will not leave a mark on your dog's nose. Comfortable for both you and your dog. No measuring necessary. Machine washable so they always look brand new. 

Available in 5' or 6' Length  and "Head Halter Only" style which requires you to use your own leash. Low profile rope ensures good visibility for your dog. Used exclusively by many Guide and Service Dog Training Facilities.

The leash length is measured from end to end before it is put on the dog. The head halter portion is approximately 2'. The 5' length is perfect for initial training and for severe pullers. The longer length is perfect for dogs that already walk well on head halters, and you want them to have a longer leash.

***Please take the time to acclimate your dog to this product if you have never used one before*** Our recommendation is to put it on, give a treat and take it off, gradually increasing the length of time you leave it on until they accept it as a regular piece of equipment. Practice walking them inside the house first. This method works far better than if the dog objects (and most will!) and they struggle to get it off. As with any training, your dog will be waaaay happier if he is praised for being good rather than reprimanded for being bad!


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